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Delusions Body Modification

delusionsDelusions, located in Marshalltown, Iowa, is a professional piercing and tattoo shop specializing in many different areas of the body modification world.


Body piercing, private piercing, ear tapering, and single point microdermals are among the many different piercing services offered, along with the more extreme corsets and hypodermic needle play.


Professional tattoo artists are available by appointment and also for walk-ins.  Your tattoo will be customized to your likeing, after all, it is your body!!


Troy Blocker, owner and professional body piercer, runs the shop by the best of standards.  Everything is sterile, certified and up to date according to the latest state regulations.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - [Noon - 7/8 pm]

Tuesday - [Noon - 7/8 pm]

Wednesday - [Noon - 7/8 pm]

Thursday - [Noon - 7/8 pm]

Friday - [Noon -7/ 8 pm]

Saturday - [Noon - 7/8 pm]

Sunday - [CLOSED]

Contact Delusions

Located inside the Marshall Town Center (Mall)

2500 S Center. St. #3380 | Marshalltown, Iowa

Shop Phone | 641.753.4002

Troy's Phone | 641.485.5426



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